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Thermal design
Thermal design, cooling methods and criterion equation of electronic equipment
How to Select a Heat Sink
Heatsink` are an important element in circuit design because they provide an efficient path for heat to be transferred into the ambient air and away from electronic devices (eg. BJTs, MOSFETs, linear regulators, etc.). The general philosophy behind a heat
Misunderstandings about the selection of the Heatsink, Electronic engineers easily overlooked details
If you do not understand the basic factors affecting the performance of the heat sink, the heat sink may be insufficient to meet the selections cooling equipment cooling requirements. This will result in a loop iterative design and testing tasks, and ulti
Experience in Thermal Design of Electronic Devices
The experience in and notes on the thermal design of electronic devices are summarized on the basis of years of design experience  and experimental analysis summary
Thermal Management for LED COB Grow lights
Renxin.Thermal LED grow lights lead the industry in brightness and reliability, enabling the LED lighting revolution with energy-efficient, environmentally friendly light. To take full advantage of the benefits of cob lights, proper thermal manage
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